Semi-loner S/S 2016

Runway photography
Photo: Jure Makovec
Semi-loner S/S 2016 
Ljubljana Fashion Week, September 2016

Semi-loner collection breaks the struggles of an antisocial life, with a “peter-pan” complex filled, youthful and unstoppable skateboard aesthetic. 

The collection is enriched with functional details, that in part go beyond convention and show a almost decadent  look into youth culture.

Strong pieces are drenched in pastel colors and motifs from my past and present. Throughout the collection, sportwear meets more classic cuts with an emphasis on comfort and individuality. A mixture of materials and textures combined with a range of different printing, embroidering and knitting tehniques, give even the simplest pieces a spontaneous story  with a strong hint at streetwear.

Editorial Photography
Photo: Urška Premik
Models: Luka Demšar, Jan Robek

Tel. 031462455  I

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