LYC Rublje

A/W 2018

Pop up shop, 13.12.2018
Photos: Eva Leber
LYC Rublje A/W 2018
LYC pop-up shop, December 2018

 For the Lycs third collection we took inspiration from our cultures  old yugoslavian heritage. The designs are made up of symbols from culturally relavant products from our childhoods. Biscuits and powdered drinks such as Domacica and Cedevita are ingrained in our memories and give strong visual cues to our story. The asthetic of bold floral prints, knitted cardigans and earth tones, reminded us of the types of clothing our parents and grandparents wore when yugoslavia started to get westernized. Through the collection we used fabrics that we aquired from a closed hat factory of Sešir, that was a staple of Slovenian textile industry for a century. By combining the pop-culture references of yugoslavia with modern streetwear cuts, we want to position Lyc as a new age heritage brand, that is made by the youth of Ljubljana.   

Editorial Photography
Photo: Eva Leber
Model: Jakob Rotar