LYC Sinja

S/S 2018

Photos: Rok Podgorelec
Model: Luka Demšar
LYC Sinja S/S 2018
LYC pop-up shop, June 2018

Sinja collection was our vision of putting our city of Ljubljana in a seaside setting. Keeping the vibe of city life with a breeze of sea air, we came up with light and vibrant colors that often show on old postcards of Ljubljana but also places like cote d'azur. The fabrics used range from light rayon and poplin cotton for shirts and trousers. Knitted sweaters with contrast hems, combined with all over embroidered vests, are a funcional and cozy way of spending chilly summer nights in the city or the seaside. The staple ciao T-shirt was inspired by our main mode of transportation through the streets of Ljubljana, the infamous Ciao Piaggio motorcycle. Our country of Slovenia overs so many differents enviroments to explore: from big cities to forests and the seaside, so we want to explore our clothing to be suitable for all of them as well.   

Editorial Photography
Photos: Rok Podgorelec
Models: Luka Demšar, Luka  Pahor, Jakob Vilhar, Jaka Strmi